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Local Nail Salons in Sukhumvit, Bangkok
(Near by Ekamai / Thonlgor / Prompong)

Your hands are probably the most over-looked parts of your body. You may be spending money on hair treatments and facials, but how often have you gone for a mani pedi?

Washing dishes, driving under the scorching sun, and frequently washing your hands with soap can really destroy nail health. If you were to glance over your hands under a light, you’ll probably see dark spots, uneven nails, and lots of wrinkles!

This is definitely something to be worried about because you’re clearly not looking after your nails and fingers. To stop them from growing old before their age, you should visit a local nail salon for professional service.

The biggest advantage of getting your nails treated, cleansed, and moisturized by local nail salons is that they’ve intricate tools and products to give you the best service. You might not have these at home, and this is why it’s time for a mani pedi.

Head to the Hills – a Healthy and Organic Salon

Staying true to our promise, we only use the best organic products, whether it’s for your nails or hair. Get a sleek and suave manicure on your nails and enjoy super-soft, velvety hands. We also offer top-notch pedicure services to give you the cleanest feet.

Organic Nail Polish

When we say we only deal with organic products, we truly mean it. Even our nail colors are carefully sifted and have an organic stamp. They will glide smoothly on your freshly manicured nails and won’t damage them in any way.

Head over to our website and have a look at a wide range of nail treatment packages that you and your friends can enjoy for a spa day! The Hills is also one of the best local hair salons in Bangkok and are satisfied clients are proof of our services.

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