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Relaxing Ambiance, Finest products, First class Service by Professional Stylist

The Hills  offers wide range of services (Hair, Nail, Eyelash, Makeup-Updo, Waxing) in order provide the most convenient and quality solution for customers.

We carry top of the line healthy & organic products available in to market, which suites customers of every type. Our products are safe for pregnancy and sensitive skin.

Giving a fabulous and healthy results for everyone today.


Experience at

The Hills

We provide you with

the finest products & services

You will notice the difference between our salon and others from the minute you walk through our door. Instead of being assaulted by the harsh smell of chemicals and artificial fragrances, all you will notice is clean, fresh air and the relaxing ambiance. Our salon could create personalized results from head to toe, with hair, nails, makeup, eyelash, waxing service by all professional staffs. We do focus on offering certified organic products here at The Hills, so you can feel safe knowing you and your hair, nails, and skin are receiving the best possible care. We worked hard to make this space our own without the toxic chemicals traditionally used in remodelled spaces. 

Why The Hills?

Healthy & Organic


The Hills carries the

finest & healthiest products.

- Organic Hair Color

- Organic Perm

- Organic Hair Treatments

- Organic Nail Polish

- Organic Hand & Feet Spa

Cozy and Relaxing


Nothing feels better like walking into a place that is truly relaxing, with all the services you need in one place. Our salon is cozy and well-designed to ensure each service is separated on different floors that allows our guests to enjoy their private time. We welcome couples, friends, and family.

Service-Oriented & Attention to Details

Our team members are refined professionals, we serve all customers with the care and quality they deserve. We pay attention to the details that matter to you and look forward to creating a great experience for every customer. All of our people are specialised, they are really good at their chosen focus beat hair, nails,  etc



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“I have bleached my hair so many times, but The Hills got the best bleaching product & technique that doesn't damage my hair like it normally does. Amazing!”

เคยฟอกผมมาหลายครั้งและผมแห้งเสียทุกครั้ง แต่ได้มาลองผงฟอกออแกนิคของทางร้านนี้ไม่เสียเหมือนที่อื่นๆเลย ประทับใจมากๆค่ะ

— Meiko, Thai Actress 

“Not only the best service and care I received from visiting The Hills, but the results are also just amazing. They are professionals and they got the best products!”

"ไม่เพียงแต่การบริหารนที่ใส่ใจของพนักงานทุกครั้งที่ปุ่นมาที่ร้าน แต่ผลลัพธ์และผลิตภัณฑ์ของทางร้านไม่เคยทำให้ผิดหวังเลยค่ะ สีเล็บติดทนสุดๆ เล็บไม่บางด้วย

—Yeepun, Thai Actress

“Men also do need to gloom up. The Hills got the best head spa treatment especially for men scalp to avoid hair fall. ”

" ผู้ชายก็ควรควรที่จะดูแลตัวเองเช่นเดียวกันครับ ที่เดอะฮิลส์มีบริการ ทรีทเม้นท์หนังศีรษะที่ผ่อนคลายมากๆ พร้อมบำรุงให้รากผมเข็งแรงกันหลุดร่วงได้ดีอย่างเหลือเชื่อ

— Thumb, Enterpreneur

“ My must go place after a long tiring day from work. I can truly pamper myself with the most soothing experience ”

"หลังจากการทำงาน ที่นี่คือสถานที่ ที่ไอเดียเลือกจะไปเพื่อดูแลตัวเอง และได้ความผ่อนคลายไปพร้อมๆกัน"

---- Idea, Deputy spokeswoman


Looking for a Full Service Salon in Sukhumvit, Bangkok? Look No Further and Visit The Hills


     Are you trying to stand out everyday or especially on your night out? Want to make the best impression? If that is the case and you are wondering “where can I find a hair salon near me or nail salon near me?” then you are in the right place. Not just only hair and nail, we do offer you full service including makeup & hair updo for your special night including a waxing session..

There is no need to panic or worry as The Hills will have you spruced up in no time at all. And what is The Hill, you may ask? Well, it’s a top-end beauty salon that will help to bring out your inner beauty. We only use organic products to deliver the best. These include:

  • Organic Hand and Feet Spa 

  • Organic Hair Colors

  • Organic Perm


  • Organic Nail Polish / Chemical Free Gel Polish


  • Organic Hair Treatment, to quote just a few

We also have specific services so that you will have individual attention of our top-end specialists who are singularly well skilled at whatever facility they provide. All of our staff members have been selected and trained in order to ensure the best possible salon experience that you can get in Sukhumvit, Bangkok. So, there is no need to waste time looking for “a best hair salon near me or a best nail salon near me” when we are there to take care of all of your beauty needs. Come and visit us at The Hill and let us pamper you the way you deserve.

The Hills - Full Service Healthy & Organic Salon is the choice for all your hair salon and nail salon needs if you in the area of Sukhumvit, Bangkok (Prompong, Thonglor, or Ekamai). 

We'll perform a fantastic work and provide you a top-notch service to make sure you walk out full of confidence. Next time you're searching for a great, 'hair salon near me' or 'best hair salon' come see us. 

Walk-in, sit, relax and we'll take care of you. Get ready to leave looking and feeling amazing.

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5/5 Sukhumvit 49, Klongtan Nheur Wattana, Bangkok 10110

Emial:  \  Contact: +(66)85-0000-557



Open Daily: 10.30am - 20.30pm

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