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The Hills offer customers with organic hair color that will ensure thhe healthiest results.


Organic Hair Color

At The Hills, we are always mindful about maintaining the integrity of your hair, which is why we recommend to always to have an in salon treatment after colour to rehydrate, strengthen and maintain you colour service.  Your stylist will advise from the Treatment Menu upon consultation.

All highlights is recommend to do toner, colour shine or colour mask to enhance your result.

Look around you. Nowadays using hair dye has become the norm. Studies show that in 2019, more than 70 % of women are using hair colors. Whether it is to achieve a whole new look, to cover their grays, or to highlight their natural color.

In the same time, concerns about use of chemicals in our everyday life, nutrition, beauty, everywhere tend to be a real challenge to avoid. The organic lifestyle is in a big expansion in our modern societies and something that we all should putting our attention into for our hair health and our actual health in general.

Our Work


The term “organic” color refers to hair color product made with the maximum of botanical, natural and organic origin ingredients, to replace the chemicals generally used. 

So does 100 % organic color actually exists? 

To be honest it doesn’t. The only 100% hair color is Henna. However, even though it is totally natural, it is still toxic for different reasons. Very harsh on hairs and containing metallic salts, so we don’t recommend it at all.

So in this marketing jungle, in which so many brands are claiming they are the best organic products, we still need to sort it out. 

Indeed, as we saw 100% organic hair color is just impossible. The color would not stick, would not last, without at least a minimum quantity of chemical to let the magic happens. However, the ingredients that are not organics are not made by harsh chemicals it's just not natural which is safe for pregnancy and customer with sensitive skin.


After many tests on those products, in our opinion only a few brands are standing out.

And among those, we will pick up only 2 that gave us plenty of satisfaction regarding the color shades choice and lasting results.

Natulique from Denmark & Pulpriot

Our favorite is definitely Natulique. Large choice of colors, classic to trendy, deep brown to pastels. We and our clients love it. Easy to use, same as a regular hair color, the results are amazing, last very long and great cover of the grays.

It is also our favorite in terms of reliability and for their ingredients, Almost 98% of natural organic ingredients to compose it.

The brand is also certified by the USDA standards for organic in USA, which is very tough on test. 

Last but not least of its quality, is the ingredient composition they use to stick the color. To fix and deposit the pigment, they use some natural ingredient, such as hydrolyzed wheat protein.

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